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Mastering GPT in Your Daily Work

Course Overview

Target group: Professionals​ from any functions and industries with basic GPT skills

5h (13.00–18.00)

On-site, Zurich (Impact Hub Colab)

Afternoon powerbreak, brainfood & drinks provided

Certificate of Attendance (Paper & NFT format)

CHF 390.-

Next course dates:
09.08.2024 // 06.09.
2024 // 04.10.2024


Course Details & Agenda

This hands-on GPT training targets professionals​ from any functions and industries with limited prior GPT experience. In one fully packed afternoon, course participants learn about the basics of language models and transformers, how LLMs and GPT work, what LLMs are capable of today, how to interact effectively with LLMs using state-of-the-art prompt engineering techniques, and how to use ChatGPT/GPT-4 efficiently in their daily work by leveraging cutting-edge GPT plugins, browser extensions and additional tools / applications. Further, we will discuss important legal and ethical topics related to the subject. Finally, we will risk some crystal ball gazing (recent progress in AI / LLMs – where do we go from here?) and discuss potential business use cases from/with course participants.

Full agenda:

13.00–14.30: LLM / GPT Intro & Capabilities

  • Language Model & Transformer Introduction

  • GPT (Performance) History

  • LLM Capabilities & Application Areas

  • ChatGPT/GPT-4 vs. Playground vs. Gemini

  • Current State of LLMs: Strengths & Limitations

  • Exercises

14.30–15.30: Prompt Engineering

  • Prompt Engineering Basics

  • Leading Techniques (CoT / Self-reflection / In-context Learning / Few-shot Prompting / Input-output Prompting / Role Prompting)

  • Use Cases (Personal & Business)

  • Exercises

15.30–17.00: GPT Tooling

  • (Custom) GPTs

  • Copilot / Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Browser Extensions for GPT

  • AI Image & Video Generations Tools

  • Agents / AutoGPT

  • Exercises

17.00–18.00: Additional Topics & Outlook

  • LLMs <> Copyright Law / Data Protection

  • LLMs <> SEO, Coding

  • AI Safety / Ethics

  • Outlook: GenAI Domain, AGI/ASI

  • Use Case Brainstorming & Discussion

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