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Participate in our cutting-edge GPT / LLM tool courses in Zurich! Get the best of GPT-4, prompt engineering, AutoGPT, GPT plugins / browser extensions and more – all in one fully packed afternoon.


Unlock   Your GPT Superpowers.

Course Overview

Our GPT Courses

We offer hands-on GPT courses for professionals at different knowledge levels – from basic to advanced. Industry- & function-specific courses complement our offering.

Mastering GPT in Your Daily Work

Next course dates:
09.08.2024 // 06.09.2024 // 04.10.2024


Our hands-on 5-hour LLM course covers:

  • LLM / GPT Intro, Capabilities, Application Areas

  • Prompt Engineering Techniques

  • LLM Tooling (Plugins, Browser Extensions, Agents & Other Applications)

  • LLM Outlook, LLMs <> Data Protection / Copyright / SEO, AI Safety, Use Case Ideation / Discussion

Target group: Professionals​ from any functions and industries with basic GPT skills / experience

5h (13.00–18.00)

On-site, Zurich (Impact Hub Colab)

CHF 390.-

GPT Automation Dominator

Next course dates:
August 16, 2024

In our advanced LLM training we are covering:

  • Introduction to the GPT Automation topic

  • AI Chatbot SaaS Solutions

  • (Custom) GPTs

  • Process Automation with GPT

  • Developing LLM-Powered Applications

  • LLM Agents

  • Outlook & Discussion

Professionals​ from any functions and industries with intermediate to advanced GPT skills

5h (13.00–18.00)

On-site, Zurich (Impact Hub Colab)

CHF 490.- (20% discount for "Mastering GPT [...]" participants)

Function-/Industry-Specific GPT Courses

Next course dates: Courses Offered on Request

Untitled design - 2023-06-30T223457.679.png

Professionals from specific functions / industries

Course duration as per the client's preference

On-site, online or hybrid (as per the client's preference)

Prices upon request

What makes our courses unique

This is what distinguishes our high-quality GPT courses.



The LLM and broader AI space move fast – so do we in keeping our course content always up-to-date and in sync with latest technological & research developments.



You'll receive a solid theoretical foundation first – then we'll make sure you'll gather as much (expert-guided) hands-on experience as possible!



Our courses are led by instructors who deal with AI tech. on a daily basis.
They master LLM-based tools and will help you achieve the same in your work!


Impactful Beyond the Course Day

All course participants get invited to our GenAI knowledge community and benefit from exclusive access to insightful information far beyond the course day!


Course Instructors

Meet the team

Untitled design - 2023-06-30T232514.520.png

David Furrer – Principal Course Instructor & Technical Lead

David holds master's degrees from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen. In 2019, he completed further training in data science and started working as a data scientist and data analyst. In 2021, he co-founded a blockchain data analytics platform that leverages machine learning.

David is an early adopter of AI technologies / tools such as ChatGPT and GPT-4. He always stays on top of recent developments around LLMs – both in the tech. space and academic realm. He has hands-on experience from implementing different GPT-based solutions, and prior teaching experience from a leading data science academy.

Untitled design - 2023-06-30T233657.009.png

Eric Anderegg – Consulting Lead & Course Instructor

Eric holds a bachelor's degree from the University of St. Gallen and a master's degree from EMLYON. He has several years of professional experience in IT / digital transformation / innovation consulting. Further, he (co-)founded a tech startup and a professional services firm.

Eric teaches specific business-focused segments in our GPT training courses. Besides, he leads our client advisory efforts.
He is an early adopter of LLM-based innovations such as GPT-4 and advises companies on how to leverage AI models & tools in order to realize efficiency gains and increase customer value.

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