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GPT Automation Dominator

Course Overview

Next course dates:

August 16, 2024

Target group: Mastering GPT in Your Daily Work "graduates" // professionals with intermediate to advanced GPT skills

5h (13.00–18.00)

On-site, Zurich (Impact Hub Colab)

Certificate of Attendance (Paper & NFT format)

CHF 490.- (20% discount for all "Mastering GPT in Your Daily Work" course participants)


Course Details & Agenda

This hands-on advanced-level GPT training course focuses on empowering course participants to automate – or at least streamline – many of the tasks / processes for which they already use LLM-based tools such as GPT-4 or ChatGPT (or intend to do so in the future). Further, course participants will learn how they can build their own LLM-powered applications without the need for prior programming experience. LangChain, Flowise, Botpress, Voiceflow, AutoGPT and BabyAGI are some of the tools and frameworks at which we take a closer look in this course and – as always – we will make sure that course participants get enough time to play around with the presented tech.

With this training we target professionals who have intermediate- or advanced-level skills in (manually) using ChatGPT and similar tools. We expect course participants to come with a basic understanding of LLMs, and to already know how to use ChatGPT and similar tools effectively in their daily work. For professionals who are still rather new to the topic we recommend to first complete our Mastering GPT in Your Daily Work course before signing up for this GPT automation course.

We conceptualized this course in a way that we believe also makes it very valuable for people with no prior coding experience (by learning to use some of the "no-code" solutions / approaches that we will present). That being said, course participants with basic programming skills will likely get more out of some of the technical exercises.

Full agenda:

13.00–14.20: Introduction to GPT Automation

  • Basics of GPT Automation

  • Short GitHub introduction

  • OpenAI / GPT APIs

  • Intro to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) / Embedding Models / Vector Databases / Model Fine-tuning

  • Use Cases & Live Showcases

14.20–15.00: AI Chatbot SaaS Solutions (Examples: Voiceflow & Botpress)

  • Introduction to AI Chatbot Solutions

  • Voiceflow & Botpress Basics

  • Use Cases & Live Showcases

  • Hands-on exercise

15.00–15.30: (Custom) GPTs

  • Introduction to (Custom) GPTs

  • Example Implementation

  • Hands-on Exercise

15.30–16.00: Process Automation with GPT 
(Example: Zapier)

  • Zapier (+OpenAI Integration) Introduction

  • Example Implementation

  • Hands-on Exercise

16.00–16.45: Frameworks for Developing LLM-Powered Applications (Examples: LangChain & Flowise)

  • Topic Introduction

  • LangChain & Flowise Basics

  • Use Cases & Live Showcases

  • Hands-on Exercise

16.45–17.30: LLM Agents (Examples: AutoGPT, BabyAGI)

  • AutoGPT: Current Possibilities & Limitations

  • BabyAGI: Introduction

  • Use Cases & Live Showcases

  • Hands-on Exercise

17.30–18.00: Outlook & Discussion

  • Future of LLM-based automation: In which direction is the field moving? Which developments can already be anticipated?

  • GPT Automation Use Cases Ideation & Discussion

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